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Welcome to Open Oak Farm

Grains, Beans, and Garlic  are Our Specialties

Now in our fourth season, Open Oak Farm is dedicated to helping folks in the Willamette Valley eat a little closer to home. Located near Crawfordsville, Oregon, we aim to fill people's bellies with high quality staple foods.

On our 20 acres, we grow a wide variety grains including hard red and soft white wheat, rye, barley, buckwheat, dry corn,  and more, as well as a diverse collection of beautiful dry beans. We also grow over 15 types of specialty garlic varieties, available as planting stock or table stock.

Open Oak Farm is home to Adaptive Seeds, stewarding Northwest adapted varieties for the resilient gardener, grower, and seed saver.



Our grains are now available for sale through our CSA as our Bulk Grain Share.
The Grain Share contains 80 lbs. of a combination of the whole grains mentioned above.  This share is suitable for people with access to a mill and/or people that want to sprout their grains before cooking. For more information, check out the CSA page on this website.

From September through November, look for us at the Corvallis Farmer's Market.

We'll also be selling at the annual Fill Your Pantry events in Corvallis, Eugene, and Shedd.

Our products are also available online via Eugene Local Foods  and Local Harvest websites.


For more information about our CSA programs or to make a special order, please explore a little more of this website, and/or e-mail us at openoakfarm(at)